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Writer's Bio

Sarah Daniels is a Seattle based playwright and deviser. She is originally from Atlanta, GA and moved to Seattle to receive her Theatre B.F.A. from Cornish College of the Arts with a concentration in Original Works. 
She uses surrealism, magical realism, and absurdism to expand upon shared human existence, death, grief and the complexities of trauma.


My Play's

Cowgirl Dreamin' On a Blue Death Song


3 F

3 M

Marnie has fucked up. She awakes to a broken heel, empty bottle, and a dead ex-boyfriend in  her kitchen. After losing her father at a young age, she struggles with telling reality and dreams apart. She unpacks her living nightmares while conscious.  How does one move on when questions remain unanswered? Does her grief change when the lies  come to light? Will daddy be there with a cold bowl of grapes? 



1 F

Wanderwoman is the story of a young woman who is caught in the cycle of old habits and lost in the dark place that is growing up and realizing you’re on your own and this is it. When her biggest supporter, and her one source of guidance is gone from this world, she spirals. In this spiral she is  searching for the voice of the one she has lost and asking for a meaning to it all. What she finds is more than she ever thought was there. In this process of finding the well of the unknown, she discovers that being young means there is a long journey ahead. She learns that life will take her what she will, and wandering can mean a great many things.



2 F

2 M


They are a normal nuclear family. Mom, Dad, Brother Sister. They are just like any other family, loving, hating, killing, fucking. Except there is a little man in a booth who is programming every little thing about their world.  When will the little man join the experiment? Is there any way to be happy in a world where everything is prescribed and free will isn't as simple as programming some one's and zeros. 

When I Began Dying.


3 F


When I Began Dying is a story of journey, death, and rebirth. Beginning in the middle of her dying, we meet Linn; a head strong artist who lacks direction and struggles to discover who she is and what she really wants. Then there is Dead Linn, who is also Linn, but she’s dead(duh). Dead Linn finds herself back in the land of the living to save herself from certain horrible death, but in the process she finds herself in a battle with alive Linn, past demons, and fate itself. Will she be able to overcome her own death and change history? Do Black Cats really know all your secrets? Must the moment of death be pinpointed to the moment we leave earth? Or does the dying begin much earlier..
Do we really know when it ends? If it 
The world of the play is one of whimsy and liminality for as Linn gets closer to her final moments, the world she has known gets farther away from any familiar reality. Together, Linn and Dead Linn must conquer their fears, come to terms with their past, and find the way through their inevitable ending.

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